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Local OHV Trails in North Georgia Mountains

Off-roading is a pastime around the North Georgia Mountains. Whether you have an ATV, UTV or a dirt bike; a Jeep, Land Rover or a 4x4 truck - there are plenty of places to ride off-road in and around Ellijay, Georgia.

Please note: Our company does not rent out ATVs, and unfortunately there are no companies in the area that do. There are several trails in the area, but you must bring your own ATVs.

Do not ride ATV's around your Ellijay vacation cabin rental. These roads are privately or county maintained roads, and ORV’s are prohibited. Also it is nice to be considerate of other homes/owners/cabins/guests in the area.

ATV - ORV Trails in North Georgia Mountains

The following trails are located within close proximity to Ellijay, GA and offer easy to strenuous rides.


Anderson Creek ORV Trail

Anderson Creek ORV Trail offers about 5 miles of trails which are suitable for all-terrain vehicles. These trails have several spurs that dead end.

Length: 5 Miles

Rating: Moderate

Open to: All types of all-terrain vehicles


From Ellijay, take GA 52 east for 7 miles to Cartecay Methodist Church. Turn left on County Road 1.6 (Roy Road) and go 8.5 miles to Tickanetley Church Road. Turn right and go 2 miles past the church to Forest Service Road 357. Turn right and go 2 miles to the first ORV trail.


Beasley Knob OHV/ORV Trail

Many of the trails within this area are classed as difficult to most difficult. This area is recommended for experienced riders only. This trail is for experienced steep mountain terrain drivers as it offers a wide variety of challenging rides.

This trail has a well-developed system of 8 interconnecting trails (listed below) offering a total of 10.6 miles and a wide variety of riding challenges. RIDING IS ALLOWED ON DEVELOPED TRAILS ONLY. Most trails are considered difficult due to steep terrain. 

The trails are most suited to experienced drivers who are skilled in mountain terrain driving. Inexperienced drivers are strongly urged to select other trails.

Length: 10.6 miles

Rating: Moderate/Strenuous

Open to: Four-wheel drive vehicles, ATV's and motorcycles.  

Directions :There are two parking areas from which to enter the ORV area. Beginning on US 76/APD Hwy. 515 in front of the Blairsville Post Office, go east for 0.7 mile. Turn right onto Windy Hill Road, a paved road. At 0.7 mile when Windy Hill curves sharply to the left, go straight onto a gravel road. After 0.1 mile, turn left onto a narrow gravel road, Forest Service Road #851. Continue on this 0.8 mile to the ORV Area parking lot. 

Beginning on US 76/APD Hwy. 515 in front of the Blairsville Post Office, go east for 3.4 miles. Turn right just before two large propane tanks onto Rosemary Lane, which is also Forest Service Road #93. At the first fork, go left. At the second fork go right. Follow the road to the parking lot at the end, a total of 1.6 miles.


The Beasley Knob ORV Trail System is made up of the following trails:

1. Access Trail (93A)

2. Blue Rock Mountain (93B)

3. Bridge Gap (93D)

4. Connector Trail (93F)

5. Hill Climb (93E)

6. Nelson Cove (93G)

7. Nicholson Gap (83C)

8. Roundtop Mountain (93)


Davenport Trail

This trail loops around Davenport Mountain with some moderate grades and offers views of Nottely Lake. The Davenport Mountain OHV Trail System (Davenport Mountain Trail & Davenport Mountain Trail Spur) offers an easy section for kids, and sections marked as More Difficult and Most Difficult.

Riders must stay on the trail.

Caution: The trail crosses a road at two places. Watch for other vehicles on the road at these crossings.

Length: 5.9 miles

Rating: Easy/Moderate

Open To: ATV’s and Motorcycles

Directions: Beginning at the traffic light at the intersection of U.S. 76/APD Hwy 515 and U.S. 19/129, go west on U.S. 76/APD Hwy 515 for 7.0 miles. Turn right onto GA 325 and go 2.3 miles to the STOP sign. Turn left, still on GA 325, and go 2.5 miles until you see a Christmas tree farm on the right. Go another 0.3 miles and turn right onto Davenport Mountain Road. At the foot of the hill, turn right onto Forest Service Road #143. Follow the gravel road 1.1 miles to the parking lot on your right. The ATV trail begins at the back end of the parking lot. 


Windy Gap, Milma, Tibbs OHV Trails

These 12 miles of trails begin as a multi-purpose woods trail. They eventually change to a narrow, steep pathway as you climb 2000 feet to the top of Grassy Mountain. Trails end at an upper trailhead on Forest Service Road 68. Follow the trail up a narrow ridge line and cross a high-mountain stream to complete the trip. Much of the trail is steep, narrow and rocky. These trails are open all year and are Free to ride on.


Tibbs ORV Trail 

The trail follows a multi-purpose woods road beginning atop Grassy Mountain and ending at a gate near private land. A second gate is located about 1 mile below the trailhead. The trail descends a steep ridge leading down the mountain through managed timber stands of pine and hardwood. Openings in the forest canopy offer exceptional vistas of distant mountain ranges. Caution: During the November through February hunting season, the trail is open to mixed vehicle travel. Watch for oncoming vehicles.


Length: 5 miles

Rating: Easy/Moderate

Open to: Hiking, mountain bicycles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles


Directions: Take U.S. 411 north from Chatsworth and go 3 miles to Eton. Turn right at the only traffic light and follow the road which becomes Forest Service Road 18 for 10.4 miles. Turn left on Forest Service Road 68 and go 5.7 miles to the T-intersection. Turn left, staying on Forest Service Road 68, and travel 5.4 miles to the trailhead across from the entrance to Lake Conasauga Loop B campground.


Milma Creek ATV Trail 

The trail connects the Windy Gap Cycle Trail and the Tibbs Trail. Access is from either the base of Grassy Mountain via Windy Gap Cycle Trail or the top of Grassy Mountain via Tibbs Trail. Sections are steep and streams must be forded. Caution: During the November through January hunting season, the eastern segment of the trail is a road open to mixed vehicle travel. Watch out for oncoming vehicles.

Ranger District: Cohutta 

Length: 3.8 miles

Open to: Hiking, mountain bicycles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles

Directions: Follow directions for Tibbs Trail.


Tatum Lead/Rock Creek ORV Trails

This trail is suitable for hiking, mountain bicycles, motorcycles and ATV's. It is open all year and is Free to ride on. This is a difficult trail for biking. Beginning along the banks of Falls branch, the loop trail quickly breaks away to start its steady climb to the crest of Tatum Lead. Sections of this trail are steep and rocky. This loop trail offers a challenging riding experience through scenic terrain. Rock Creek connects with Tatum Lead ORV Trail. Trailhead has an off-loading ramp located on FS3A Peeples Lake Road. This is open all year and is Free of charge to ride on.

Ranger District: Cohutta Length: 7 miles

Open to: Hiking, mountain bicycles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and four-wheel drive vehicles. 


The trail follows an old woods road along the ridge line of Tatum Mountain through dense forest. The trail dead ends to the south at a mound of dirt on the government property boundary. However, four-wheel drive vehicles must enter off GA 52 about 0.8 mile east of the Cohutta Lodge on Fort Mountain. Note: After turning off GA 52, the first 2 miles of the road is a right-of-way across private land. Only licensed vehicles are permitted on this section. Caution: The trail is open to mixed vehicle travel. Watch out for oncoming vehicles.

DIRECTIONS to Tibbs, Windy Gap, and Milma Trails - Take US 411 north from Chatsworth for 4 miles; turn right (east) at the traffic light at Eton and go approximately 5 miles. Turn left on Forest Service Road #218 (Muskrat Road) and travel 3 miles to trailhead.

DIRECTIONS to Tatum Lead and Rock Creek Trails - Take Forest Service Road #3 past Peeples Lake. Trail is located approximately 1/4 mile south of the bridge on Rock Creek. Trail comes out on Tatum Lead OHV trail.